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Published June 17, 2013

Do you consider yourself a savvy traveler and a fan of Rome2rio? If so, we’d love your help improving the site by adding train, bus and ferry routes in a region of the world that you’re familiar with.

You’ll be given access to addlink, our purpose built data entry tool, and if you really get into the task we’ll pay you for each route you add. Contact our global content manager, Chris, at if you’d like to join our growing team of travel researchers.

Rome2rio's interface for adding train, bus and ferry routes
Addlink: Rome2rio’s interface for adding train, bus and ferry routes

Data in Rome2rio

We use a variety of techniques to load as many train, bus and ferry routes into Rome2rio as possible. It’s a huge task, and one we are passionate about. Comprehensive coverage is a big part of what sets Rome2rio apart from others who have attempted to build a multi-modal travel search engine. We currently have over 3,200 transport operators in our database.

We consume timetable data — in GTFS and TransXChange feeds, API data feeds, data from Open Street Maps, our own web crawlers, and data provided through license agreements — to populate a large proportion of our transport database. However, these sources of structured data only go so far, providing reasonable coverage in developed countries and almost no coverage in developing nations. This is where things get fun — and more challenging — as we add routes from a diverse collection of operators such as ONCF Railways in Morocco, Blue Star Ferries in Greece, and Ekspres Mahligai buses in Malaysia.

Our data research team is small, but growing. It includes people in Australia, India, Italy, The Philippines, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, and the USA. We look forward to getting even more people involved in helping with our goal of mapping all the world’s transport!

– Michael

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