Geocode API

Major Changes (v1.2 to 1.4)

  • No changes

Example Request


keystringAPI key
querystringQuery to geocode
countryCodestringISO 3166-1 two letter country code (optional hint)
languageCodestringISO 639-1 two letter language code (optional hint)


querystringQuery specified in request
countryCodestringText to autocomplete
languageCode stringISO 639-1 two letter language code (hint)
placesPlace[]Array of places


kindstringType of place [1]
shortNamestringShort name of place (eg: Melbourne)
longNamestringFull name of plac (eg: Melbourne, VIC, Australia)
canonicalNamestringUnique name of place (eg: Melbourne)
code stringAirport or Station code (eg: IATA)
latfloatLatitude (WGS84)
lngfloatLongitude (WGS84)
rad stringRadius (size of place in km)
regionNamestringRegion display name (optional)
regionCodestringRegion code (ISO 3166-2 or FIPS) (optional)
countryNamestringCountry display name (optional)
countryCodestringCountry code (ISO 3166-1) (optional)

[1] Currently, the following kinds are supported: unknown, continent, country, admin3, admin2, admin1, island, village, town, city, capital, metropolis, megalopolis, landmark, place, road, accommodation, station, airport, seaport, sea, lake and river. Please note that this list will likely change in future revisions.

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